The Top Online Casino for Canadians:

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Blackjack Ballroom - This is our most recommended casino and for many reasons, If you want a top notch blackjack casino for Canadians than this is the place. They offer multiple versions of blackjack including bonus blackjack, Atlantic City, European, Vegas Downtown, Vegas Strip, and classical blackjack. 

They also offer a large package of casino games from progressive slots, to sophisticated video slots, video poker games, and a large range of table games. The customer service staff is second to none. They are there to assist you 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

To ensure player security and confidence players can track their wagering and gaming history through play check, as well as review all of their deposit and withdrawal history using cash check. These technologies offer far more information than anything found at a land based casino and offer a level of confidence in the transparency of this ground breaking casino.

The largest ever jackpot winner won over $5.5 million USD in April of 2008 and the casino was quick to fly over the lucky winner to Sydney, Australia and hand him out in a huge lump check. There are no worries about them being able to pay out your winnings no matter how small or hopefully large.

If you combine this with generous sign up bonuses as well as reoccurring comp bonuses and a rewarding player loyalty program than there really is no reason to play elsewhere.

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